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Golf Course Information

Forest Heights Country Club - 18 Holes

          In the golfing business, October is the first month of the year.  It is the month when temperatures fall, humidity decreases, and the time for overseeding rolls around.  Overseeding greens is a major inconvenience for golfers who are tyring to enjoy their first refreshing days of fall, but it is a job that dictates the putting surface for the next eight months.  So when the sprinklers are watering the newly planted greens, remember the seeds which come up now will be the putting surface into next summer.  With good weather and good luck, the watering process will last only five to seven days.  Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Hole 1

Gold    Par 4    Yards:  393   Handicap 11

Blue     Par 4    Yards:  367   Handicap 11

White  Par 4    Yards:  337   Handicap 11

Red     Par 4     Yards:  288    Handicap 11

     The opening hole requires a straight drive or the large pine located on the right side of the fairway will block your second shot.  A straight drive in the fairway leaves a downhill shot to this tiered green.


Hole - 2 

Gold     Par 4    Yards:  442      Handicap 1

Blue     Par 4    Yards:  414       Handicap 1

White   Par 4   Yards:  385       Handicap 1

Red       Par 5     Yards:  360      Handicap 17

     Ranked as the toughest hole, length is the main factor here.  An accurate, long drive is needed followed by a good iron shot to this massive, contoured green.


Hole - 3      

Gold      Par 3     Yards:  170     Handicap 9

Blue      Par 3     Yards:  161      Handicap 9

White    Par 3    Yards:  153     Handicap 9

Red       Par 3     Yards:  123     Handicap 15

     This two-tiered green makes proper club selection crucial in having a good birdie putt.  Any miss right or left makes for a difficult par.


Hole - 4

Gold     Par 4      Yards:  403     Handicap 5

Blue     Par 4      Yards:  370      Handicap 5

White   Par 4     Yards:  347      Handicap 5

Red      Par 4      Yards:  318       Handicap 1


    The drive should favor middle to left side of fairway to avoid pines on the right side of the drive zone.  This is a difficult green complex to make par if you happen to miss on your approach.  Try to hit the green and take your chances with the putter.


Hole - 5

Gold     Par 4     Yardage:  363     Handicap 7

Blue     Par 4     Yardage:  338     Handicap 7

White  Par 4     Yardage:  282     Handicap 7

Red      Par 4      Yardage:  265     Handicap 5

     Finding the fairway here is very important.  The second shot is uphill to a crown shaped green heavily guarded by a deep pothole bunker in front.  Be sure to have enough club to carry this bunker.  Straight putts are very rare once on the putting surface.


Hole - 6

Gold      Par 3     Yardage:   126     Handicap  15

Blue      Par 3      Yardage:   115     Handicap  15

White   Par 3      Yardage:   93      Handicap 15

Red       Par 3       Yardage:  76       Handicap  13

     This picturesque par 3 requires an accurate approach which will lead to a great chance for birdie.  However, this hole can be difficult if greed comes into play.  Beware of a front hole location.


Hole - 7

Gold      Par 5     Yardage:   511      Handicap 17

Blue      Par 5     Yardage:  480     Handicap 17

White   Par 5     Yardage:  426     Handicap 17

Red       Par 5      Yardage:  401      Handicap 3

     Two good shots here leaves great opportunity for a four.  The green is heavily guarded by bunkers.  This hole can get your round going if played properly.  The area front right of the green makes for a potentiial easy up-n-down.


Hole  - 8

Gold     Par 4      Yardage:  421      Handicap 13

Blue     Par 4      Yardage:   365    Handicap 13

White  Par 4      Yardage:   356     Handicap 13

Red      Par 4       Yardage:  303      Handicap 7

Future Picture

    A left to right ball flight is needed off the tee.  Try not to be too aggressive with any hole location on the left side of this green.  Trouble will await you in the form of the water hazard as second shots may bounce right to left.


Hole - 9

Gold     Par 5      Yardage:  528      Handicap 3

Blue     Par 5      Yardage:  491       Handicap 3

White  Par 5      Yardage:  424      Handicap 3

Red      Par 4       Yardage:  214      Handicap 9

     A straight drive is needed here.  After negotiating the pines, the second shot over water leaves decisions.  The long hitters can hit over the fairway bunkers leaving a difficult pitch shot or a lay-up to the fairway bunkers will leave a short iron into this shallow three-tiered green.


Hole - 10

Gold      Par 4      Yardage:  404      Handicap  2

Blue      Par 4      Yardage:  388      Handicap  2

White   Par 4      Yardage:  360      Handicap  2

Red       Par 4       Yardage:  293      Handicap  2

     Arguably the toughest hole on the course.  An aggressive play off the tee requires accuracy, but will leave a short iron to this elevated green.  Any approach shot coming up short will do just that.


Hole - 11

Gold      Par 4      Yardage:  431      Handicap 6

Blue     Par 4       Yardage:  409      Handicap 6

White  Par 4       Yardage:  381       Handicap 6

Red       Par 4        Yardage:  335     Handicap 12

    Nothing fancy here.  A good drive and nice iron will leave a chance for birdie.  A second shot over this green is a very difficult par.


Hole - 12

Gold      Par 5      Yardage:  547      Handicap  14

Bluc      Par 5      Yardage:  517       Handicap  14

White  Par 5       Yardage:  486      Handicap 14

Red       Par 5       Yardage:  405      Handicap 8

     Drive should be down the left side of the fairway.  Long hitters will have a chance to go for the green, but must make sure to have enough club to carry the water.  A second shot lay-up will leave a good look with a short iron.


Hole - 13

Gold      Par 3      Yardage:  197      Handicap  8

Blue     Par 3       Yardage:  184      Handicap  8

White  Par 3        Yardage:  177      Handicap  8

Red      Par 3         Yardage:  139      Handicap 14

     This large green slopes back to front.  Any shot missing the green leaves a difficult up-n-down.  Be careful of any downhill putts as this green generally is quick putting back to front.


Hole - 14

Gold     Par 4      Yardage:  426      Handicap  12

Blue     Par 4      Yardage:  398       Handicap  12

White  Par 4       Yardage:  363      Handicap 12

Red       Par 4       Yardage:  325      Handicap  10

     A slight dogleg leftpar 4, all tee shots with right to left ball flight will take advantage of the downhill sloping fairway.  This green is very hard to read.


Hole - 15

Gold      Par 3      Yardage:  201      Handicap  16

Blue      Par 3      Yardage:  173      Handicap  16

White   Par 3       Yardage:  141      Handicap  16

Red       Par 3        Yardage:  89       Handicap  18

     The largest green complex on the course.  Be sure to have enough club to carry the bunker in front.


Hole - 16

Gold      Par 4      Yardage:  385      Handicap  18

Blue      Par 4       Yardage:  363     Handicap  18

White  Par 4        Yardage:  343      Handicap 18

Red       Par 4       Yardage:  291       Handicap  16

     The tee ball tends to bounce left to right so aim down the left side.  A drive finding the fairway leaves a short iron and another good opportunity for birdie.


Hole - 17

Gold      Par 4       Yardage:  443      Handicap  4

Blue      Par 4       Yardage:  414       Handicap  4

White  Par 4         Yardage:  369     Handicap  4

Red       Par 4         Yardage:  327      Handicap  4

     A difficult driving zone as all balls will run to the right.  A good target is left side of the fairway.  Pay close attention to hole location on your approach.  The green is two-tiered and putting from the same tier increases your chances of holing the putt.


Hole - 18

Gold       Par 5      Yardage:  571       Handicap 10

Blue       Par 5      Yardage:  537      Handicap  10

White   Par 5       Yardage:  505       Handicap  10

Red        Par 5       Yardage:  419       Handicap  6

     For maximum distance, the drive should be hit down the left side of the fairway.  A lay-up to the fairway bunkers will leave a difficult third shot.  Any second shot carrying the fairway bunkers will leave a better opportunity to finish the round with four.  The green slopes back to front.